Here I am, another school year and another set of goals and aspirations.  Already, things are looking bigger and more purposely driven.  I’m working on everything from one-to-one training, topic driven workshops, to professional development program design for new initiatives driven by school principals.  This year is about taking it to the next level and getting everyone on board with technology integration in learning.

What have I learned so far?  First, there is a need to keep things fresh and innovative for those who have been on board and have the fundamentals in place.  Furthermore, there is a need for targeting those in need of the fundamentals in different technologies we use everyday.  In addition, it’s time to work together and work more at a program level with clear instructional goals!   Lastly, let’s not forget follow-up.  This is probably the biggest challenge due to an environment where time is precious, the pace is unforgiving, and the daily workload is barely possible.  These lessons are beacon and vision for this year and beyond.

So what’s the plan?  This year, I’m starting a webinar series.  But they won’t be just about technologies and implementation to meet learning objectives, they will involve other staff departments.  The purpose is to keep the conversation going and keep moving forward in popular and new practices in education.  I’m also experimenting with my first online form of learning for topics in educational technology.  I’m trying to implement a blend of self-paced activities, webinar collaborations, and face-to-face project designing.  Finally, Google forms has become my means for capturing skill levels so I can suggest and design workshops and training at different levels that personalizes learning.  The goals are complex but with small, incremental and well designed attempts I believe this is the direction to head in as an organization and we will move forward.

So, my series of posts this year will blog my successes, my trials and errors, and lessons learned along way.  It’s going to be a good year!


About amyparent

I have a passion for designing instruction that meets the needs of all learners. I enjoy working with subject matter experts and translating technical objectives into easily understood and meaningful objectives for nontechnical audiences.

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