About a month ago, an 8th grade teacher approached me wanting to use iPads with her students for an end of year project that assesses her students ability to apply their learning.  What the students had to show was what they understood about one book or short story they read in class that year.  iMovie was a natural fit.  

You see, it’s not the first time I’ve worked with a teacher on an iMovie project.  But this one was special for a couple of key reasons.  A large percentage of the students in her classes are from low socioeconomic backgrounds.  Two of her classes have students reading below grade level with a handful “at risk”  for dropping out.

So why would walking into this situation be exciting?  When you put kids in a project- based situation along with technology, especially iPads, they do work you didn’t think they could do!  Behavior problems were practically nonexistent for those three days.  The amount of work and the amount of planning and critical thinking involved was unlike anything she could muster out of many of them in the past.  

This is why I love project based-learning that uses technology.  Kids love it and they learn!


About amyparent

I have a passion for designing instruction that meets the needs of all learners. I enjoy working with subject matter experts and translating technical objectives into easily understood and meaningful objectives for nontechnical audiences.

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