I am very excited by this new opportunity to work with a high school English teacher.  He wants to use Google Docs to help kids get use to annotating text in a computer based environment.  Brilliant! Love it!  Turns out it can work.  Of course, not all the annotation and text marking strategies you use with a pen can be done in Google Docs.  However, with a little creative use of the tools that are provided I think it will be just as effective.  I went ahead and did my own practice text marking and annotating of an article captured off of the popular Science News website.  English teacher was pleased. Lesson is Wednesday and we’ll see how the kids do.  Love that I could find the tools and resources to make this teachers vision and idea happen!


About amyparent

I have a passion for designing instruction that meets the needs of all learners. I enjoy working with subject matter experts and translating technical objectives into easily understood and meaningful objectives for nontechnical audiences.

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